Born in the sprawling city of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Josh Sikkema has created a name for himself both locally and in Los Angeles. Dropping out of college his freshman year, he used his government aid to purchase his first camera and laptop. He went on to work at a market 39 television news station for 4 years. Leaving Michigan, he took his television background along with the local entertainment production and set his sights on Los Angeles. 

Since his journey in Los Angeles, he has worked with RCA records and worked with many of todays top recording artists. Working with the likes of Mya, Snoop Dogg, and super producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Josh's visuals have assisted over 1 billion streams worldwide, 2 billboard #1's, and 2 platinum records in both Italy and Australia. 

Alongside his co director and business partner, Johhny McClain, Josh is now planting himself more in narrative short, commercial, and feature films. 

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Born and bred in Los Angeles, Thomas Blunt  spent his life dedicated to fulfilling his passion for basketball. After playing at the collegiate level and for many years professionally overseas, Thomas turned his attention to helping young players pursue their own dreams of becoming athletes. This pursuit has led to a wide variety of experiences and interactions with youth and families of all ages and backgrounds. In his time as a coach, mentor and business owner, Thomas has had the opportunity to see and experience multiple cultures and world views. He has realized just how much film represents life and life film. As he fell in love with so many cultures through his basketball travels, he fell in love with film. After his playing career concluded, Thomas has leveraged his love of film and began investing in different ventures. 

But it wasn’t until Thomas had the opportunity to be a part of the film Something In the Clouds as Executive Producer that he found his new niche. He states, “the value of good stories that heal people feels the same as bringing joy to people through the game I once played”. 

Now as a co-founder of Black Pigeon Studios and executive producer in multiple upcoming projects, Thomas is happy to be a part of another winning team. 


Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Johnny Ray moved to Los Angeles with a blue-collar work ethic and mentality. He's written independent films and directed countless music videos. Including writing for Executive Producer Mandy Teefy, "New Girl" Tv show Actor Lamorne Morris, and Director King Hollis.

He segued into the Director seat shooting Rolling Stones top 10 songs, Rotimi's "Love Riddim". But his true passion outside of Writing & Directing has always been his charity, WARF which stands for (Where Are ouR Fathers). A charity dedicated to helping single fathers get back into their children's lives. 

Johnny Ray partnered with business partner and powerhouse Director Josh Sikkema, in an effort to make a visually stunning film that speaks to the true challenges facing our country. "SOMETHING IN THE CLOUDS" is the first film born out of their camp that needs your contribution and support.