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People are the paramount component of Black Pigeon.  


Beyond founders and partners, our community and incredible team of interns are the building blocks of our vision.

Our team's collective passion is to create a space for individuals to connect, grow, and be inspired.


As a Grand Rapids native, it was Josh's vision to bring an accessible space to the creative community in his hometown. 

After making a new home in Los Angeles, Josh found his first success through music videos. Working with the likes of Mya, Snoop Dogg, and super producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Josh's visuals have assisted over 1 billion streams worldwide and 2 Billboard #1's.

From a humble beginning dropping out of school and working at Grand Rapids' local news station, Josh has always wanted to build a legacy and create a space for young creatives to learn and excel.


This is the birth of Black Pigeon, an affordable, yet professional studio space for all creators in West Michigan. 


Born and raised in Detroit, Johnny Ray lives his life with a blue-collar work ethic. As a writer and director, he strives to push the envelope through storytelling and bring awareness to important topics.

His passion outside of film has always been his charity, WARF (which stands for Where Are ouR Fathers). A foundation dedicated to helping single fathers get back into their children's lives. 


Now based out of Los Angeles, Johnny has written independent films for the likes of EP Mandy Teefy, actor Lamorne Morris, and director King Hollis.​ He transitioned into directing via a project for the Rolling Stones's top 10 song Rotimi's "Love Riddim"


Through connecting with Josh, he's been able to contribute on a deeper level to their shared vision of further developing the filmmaking community in Michigan.



"Telling stories that heal people feels the same as bringing joy through the game I once played”- a saying that Thomas Blunt lives by through his involvement at Black Pigeon.

Hailing from Los Angeles, Thomas has dedicated most of his life to his passion for basketball. After years of playing professionally overseas, Thomas later turned to helping young players pursue their athletic dreams.


In his time as a traveling athlete, Thomas gained appreciation for cultures all over the world and in turn realized his passion for the art of filmmaking. His time as a business owner, coach, and mentor fuels his desire to leave a positive impact on our community of young creatives.

When given the opportunity to executive produce Black Pigeon's short film "Something in the Clouds", Thomas cemented his investment in telling necessary and valuable stories.


Spencer Haydo is a freelance Cinematographer and Gaffer throughout Michigan. He has been with Black Pigeon since our inception - getting down and dirty to make the vision come to life. 


Spencer is consistently studying old and new lighting fixtures, and you're bound to find him at the workbench tinkering with something or other. 

His motivation falls in providing individuals an opportunity to pursue a career in the film industry, and give people the chance and knowledge to "make it".


Born in Grand Rapids, Isabella is a freelance production designer and art director across Michigan. She has a passion for constructing sets and crafting expansive worlds through detailed decoration. 


From an interest in fine art, she found her place in the film industry after discovering Black Pigeon. Through perseverence and working class values, she has built a career from the spark the studio provided.

Isabella is significantly involved in our intern program, striving to give others the opportunity she received to create a career via hands-on experience and hard work. 


Jordan Han is a freelance production filmmaker and colorist from Grand Rapids. He thrives in a storytelling environment and has a passion for narrative work. 


His love for film stems from his childhood when his mother, who worked at a local movie theater, would bring him along to screenings and give him free tickets.

Through his work at Black Pigeon, Jordan hopes to shine a light on individuals who feel voiceless and tell the stories of the underrepresented.


Tony Kudo is a freelance photographer in Grand Rapids. He loves to create narratives through portraiture and has a passion for editorial work. Tony has a knack for reaching the community via innovative avenues. 

He finds inspiration for his creative projects from both his home country of Thailand and photographers with unique backgrounds and upbringings. Aside from his work at Black Pigeon, Tony is motivated to serve the community through his weekly volunteer work at his church. 

Now working alongside the studio, Tony is engaging with young community members throughout West Michigan by hosting unique events in our space. 

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